6 06 2007

With the lawyers, basking in the glory of and under the the umbrella of the CJ; if the purpose is indeed justice and accountability and Anti Military setups, then one thing is still missing.


At the lowest level, on the streets this can be initiated. Lawyers and journalists have taken to the streets, but just being the fodder for the supremacy of one man show which is casual and can be shrugged off. Just a little time has to be bought. The concerned lawyers with the information paraphernalia of their journalism peers can uncover and dig out sensitive information of the corrupt politicians. But seldom any winds of change can be located in this movement. Though this hasn’t died out, but still, homework should have started.

Corrupt leaders and their portfolios should be put before the people. Not through media, its under attack again, through reporting and conducted structure. Bring it out on the roads and streets. Let the people of Pakistan know what they have been robbed off. But its still a cover up and sponsored movement, seems like some contingencies are under the surface which explicitly allow such show of courage which is unprecedented but without teeth. Otherwise, more of baton charging could be seen.

Start the show, bring Wasi Zafar, as an appetizer. Give us some reason to stay glued to the T.V which is to go black and white soon under the boot of the military. More of black though. Don’t let Pakistanis be shoved away as a herd of Bakris (Goats) before a handful of wolves.

Only thing that could magnet out the public from their houses would be full and open accountability, irrespective, whether the penal law would be called in or not, which would not but let’s practise freedom of expression.




One response

6 06 2007

You are right! Something is missing. But I think that something is identity! I think we’ve got identity crises here. On one extreme side you have got the elite wana be class who have created their mini-world of their own, a mere illusion. And on the other hand there are those who are oppressed and their world revolves around the pressure of living.

In the present age we are slaves of the media. Each day the media converts more and more people to its own religion. We follow what we see and put media before everything else. It controls the very essence of our lives. And with the masses that follow it so blindly, anyone who opposes this system of belief is subjugated to term of “religious fanaticism”.

There are heated arguments on our practicing Indian traditions which clearly contradict what our religion commands us to perform. But setting aside religion for the moment one can easily wrap up the context of the argument and present it as Indian inherently in nature. But for most of us that would be taken as an offence.

So what is that difference that draws up the border between the two nations? With our English leaders having injected their culture deep into the root of our society half a century ago, one can find these traits in the aftermath. However with the influential western media on its peak, the easiest target it found as its first hit was the elite class that embraced it with open arms. Whatever our identity was, whether heavily influenced by foreign interventions or inherently defective, it took an alternative route that sparks the debate of our identity once again.

With the western philosophy being adapted as the norm of our daily lives, dominating our thoughts and leaving its insurgents within the core of our very society, we have a far greater pressing issue then the current situation. And that is the issue of identity!

There are times when I ask my self why is it that our society does not have the integrity it once had? Because it is our identity that defines our society, but is it so inherently defective that bears the embedded mark of defeat upon its birth?

People within the society are the mob of the country. They define who we are. It’s a powerful multitude that whoever controls can swing it in any direction they want. I can’t help but to think that it is in our blood to be selfish and greedy. To think of our selves before others! How can we expect to go in a unified direction if we adapt the policy of “every man for himself”? And this applies in every activity we perform. Be it from traffic to setting up society ethics. Our identity is inherently defective in that it clutches the mark of “double standards”.

One can argue if this was the case then probably we wouldn’t even have an independent state. To a certain extent that is true, but what we had was the “jazba”, and all that hatred that we posses within our self was pointed to one direction, in a unified course towards an independent state. That was the time we set the definition for our identity rather then classify our selves into the group of the “wanabe’s”. Overtime and with the adaptation of western philosophy and the influencing media, that jazba is strewed into unrecoverable peaces.

Our leaders can’t guide this nation to prosperity because the driving force is a busted engine trying to survive the last breath. We need to redefine our selves. We are one step closer to a revolution. However with the lack of guidance the revolution will surely direct us into a civil war! But is the current political situation any different in taking us to civil war?

Just my two cents! : – )

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