3 06 2007
The heat is on; the Pakistan President.

To this point, it seems apparent, the Western lobby is lobbying against the President for his departure, although softly. But this thin red line is obscure and unnoticed.

For this MQM is paying the price, equally which it should.

No movement in Pakistan has been alive for such a period culminating since March. Either its the local man desiring change or in local parlance, wants some ‘Hulla Gulla’, although he is still powerless; but news are around that Aitezaz is being bid adieu by the Begum. Finally. This again comes in as a twist.
Something is at work. Is it Divine or inconspicuous? No hints.

The status quo can’t be taken with a grain of salt; but somewhere foreign capacities are present. Time has to tell.
Also, the Government has committed another mistake of banning the channels airing the coverage of the Chief Justice.
And MQM does another by banning Imran’s entry into Sindh.

Series of blunders by a Government; have the people of the Government gone insane and developed a nut like brains not to analyse and notice the envisaged series of events.
Crisis management seems failed or absent.




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