2 06 2007

MQM is obsessed to run over avenues money rich and eventually control them.
Karachi being the ONLY major industrial hub makes it a flower for the bee or a Gnat. The latter expression doesn’t quite nicely assimilate with MQM but nevertheless, Pakistan should see radical strategic planning to induce massive Industrialization pace and setups.

Attention to infrastructure, electricity hiccups which are common, law and regulations, training centers for the abundant but yet unskilled labour, labour laws, scrutiny of political setups in the industrial zones; politics should be barred from earning bread and butter.

All this can be done, if the leaders get serious enough and shift their offices frequently between cities for 2-3 months. Reagan did the same with GM to resuscitate it, and which it did.
Mass industrialisation would not only cut the unemployment slick but also contribute to the ethnic divide we have.
More to ethnic divide,like Malaysia, involve local people in businesses with flat 30% for the locals. This would not only localise the industry but general acceptance and an aura of cohesion would develop. It would not be <b>Punjabi.Vs.Pashtun, Punjabi.Vs.Urdu.Speaking.Sindhi,Punjabi.Vs.Baluchi, any combination.Vs.Punjabi</b>, as Punjab has been at the helm of the seat of rule.

Change the course; and this is short course.
Industrialisation sees acceptance of Research and development; when was the last time University of Faisalabad came out with crop growth inducing medicine or milk production improvement antidote? Not in the near past.

Hopeless situation, informal intellectuals bend over to pour over ideas but Pakistani governance is stuck up with the upcoming elections.




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