Madrassas Should.Break.The.Icy.Layer.

1 06 2007

With their limited resources, they can STOP the wronging, but they could also..
come ahead to have a ‘check’, if not balance consequently, on the issues of the poor class, like

Prices, (Daily consumables; Bread, Lentils, Ghee and Butter, Veges, Meat),
Transport (Public Transport, private); collecting statistics of the infrastructure.
Education-They can develop a curriculum, acceptable to the Religious circles and similarly countering the advanced Western education; a system of our own would be readily acceptable locally and affordable. A little movement would dust away the idiosyncrasy of the already-nibbled-and-hollowed-by-bureaucracy education system.
So much could have been done.
Research– work could have been initiated and privately funded, no agency would have clamped down on that. A version discovered and launched in any capacity or field, might need many miles to cover its infancy but would break the icy layer of procrastination and commercial minded structure.
This could have included, ideally like Edhi, starting with a grain, a room, a child, then rapid expansion after acceptance.
Failures are experiences wanting more endeavors of consistency and minute observation.
Research would necessarily compensate the slack in Education, foremost, secondly the infrastructure (Roads, electricity consumption and production), then manufacturing, along with technological insight going and emerging around.
Its not the academic degrees; how did Rumi, Platoon serve their theories? Degrees are ancillary, its the quest of what degrees are just another means to signify.

A council, in local community can be made, which oversees the working of the yet skeletal formation of such a movement. Every Madressa, would be incumbent to contribute, through a channel of appreciation and grading.

So much potential lies around which is unattended by the Government. Local communities can do so much more.
If the head of the family, by some chance, is illegitimate (sickness, Barred by Law, insolvent, jobless) to earn, other family members do feel the crunch for some time but it prepares more than one of them to earn which usually eases the burden. And this can be taken further, if it is ‘planned well’.

Pakistan’s head of the family has been illegitimate for the last 60 years and more so amputated after 1971, but the members don’t cringe?

Lack of cohesive Vision. Period.




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