17 05 2007

With the recent plea coming in from, surprisingly for some, Musharraf to side with MQM in this crisis which saw MQM reeling in pain (according to Altaf Hussain) on 12th of May, it seems deviations, with extremes in itself existing, remain at present, the best tool to sway the public opinion.

Highest diplomatic minds are at work without pause. The series of the plethora of the issues coming in one after the another. Every uprising opens up a pandora box to have Pakistan researched and commented more and more through the global microscope.

The recent, denuding of the real face of MQM, which seemed to be vaned, which did not, behind the veil of Intellectual gatherings and Volunteer work for the Quake victims and Municipal elections being sweeped by the party, lies bare for everyone to see.

The plan that comes in, weaving more to come, according to some , this being a trailer, MQM seems to be getting cornered in the eyes of the media, the agencies, the Military. And this can be used as a trump card, but still that is a remote option unlikely to be used.

With this recent scuffle, which turned bloody, is going a long way against the party itself.
Many people and circles are responding to it aversely, not to mention, Imran Khan seeks trial in the UK courts, also a reminiscent of the fact of the lack of trust in the local jurisdiction, forces people to look outward.
Even local journalists, who seemed to be nervous to mention any fact that happened in Karachi, as if it didn’t happen, are now reaching out though like a vapour in a vacuum, quiet and never instigating for the fear being in the limelight and before the loaded barrel.

Serious game is being set, pieces are moving, some plan garbed in black, watches intently to uncover more crises.
Who’s with who, remains unclear.

Or was it to throw in the backseat the issue of Deal with the PPP? Or was it that it was staged to take the eyes off from the behind-the-curtains deal ‘advancing’ towards fruition? Time remains to tell.

With 17th gone, 18th and 19th remain to be crucial again for Pakistan politics, according to an astrologer writer.




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