Jamia.Hafsa – Another.Boiled.Egg.To.Last.5.Minutes?

7 04 2007

“This is meant in all earnestness.The process of Islamisation of Pakistan hes begun. This juggernaut will keep on rolling and crush everything in its path. It will not stop.

It didn’t stop in the Americanised Iran, it didn’t stop in the Francophile Algeria, it didn’t stop in the Sovietized Afghanistan. No one should be naive enough to assume it is going to stop in the Anglophile Pakistan.

Pakistan’s Islamisation will be a watershed in the Islamist movement because it is the second largest in populations and the only nuclearized country. Egypt, Saudia, Indonesia, Morocco, North Africa and the Horn of Africa will readily follow because all these countries have huge Islamist movements which will be encouraged by the transition of Pakistan into Islamist control.

The tiny Gulf emirates don’t count because their populations are made up of more expatriates than indigenous people.

So here’s the advice.

Do not confront the Islamists. You will lose. Meet them half-way instead. Preempt them before they impose harsh measures. Adopt what you can adopt from their demands, and apply conflict-resolution for the rest.

For example:

1) Adopt a head-scarf like Iran before they impose Burqa.

2) Join them in opposing prostitution and pornography, but insist on video shops remaining open for family entertainment.

3) Join them in opposing alcohol distribution, and in return get them to agree to something else you want to end like discrimination, violence against women, karo-kari etc.

4) Support them in their drive in ending bribery, misuse of power by Govt officials and politicians, because that is in everyone’s interest including yourselves, and in return get their sympathy for any other thing you want them not to touch.

This is the power of the Pakistani Civil Society that I had been talking about earlier. They MUST not either underestimate nor miscalculate where the Islamists stand and where they do.

In short, be their friend, not their enemy. This advice is sincere and comes from the bottom of my heart.”


Let’s keep someone anonymous about expressing his emotional outflow above.

Jamia Hafsa, just like any other uprising, which usually is a part and parcel of daily road life in Pakistan. But why is this time the Government is a silent contender and a watcher? Is it simply assuming this to pass by as usual when the steam goes out? Perhaps and until now the uprising hasn’t caused much of nuisance and a thorn in the throat for the rulers. And also, the ruling elite is still recovering from the aftershocks and aftermath of mathematical miscalculated error of doing away with the Chief Justice.

The days to come herald either the uprising going strong; as challenged by the Ameer of Jamia Hafsa of Suicidal attacks over the non-closure and prohibition of pornography. What next then? Kahuta is at stone’s throw distance. Does this ‘Drama’ really elude the masses into Religious euphemism and offer the White house another card to go for Iran and Pakistan both?

Skeptical this seems and just an arrow in the air. If ever this movement, creeps into all corners of the country would this see a revolution vis a vis Iran’s 1970’s episode which was spontaneous and welcomed as common man wants change irrespective of positive or negative. The Islamic revolution was stifling for the same masses, why? Common man wanted himself to be fooled again to have a change.

The Almighty, indeed, knowing this very nature of His creation gave different colours of seasons, lest the man grows weary and comes out with something of sheer stupidity.

Jamia Hafsa issue is still in its infancy. Much has to be borne and seen. The military watches and would strike, but non-vehmently, to acquiesce this yet another misadventure of the Religious confusion which renders nothing but hatred from the common man.




One response

8 04 2007

Whats strange is that only one side of the story is presented at the moment. We now have TV channels blaring pictures of stick wielding women in Niqab without focusing on the main reason behind the onslaught.

Thanks to the enlightened moderate policies of our dear nation, a band of women in Hijab are the culprits and a prostitute is the victim.

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