25 03 2007

News came out, Bob suffered a heart attack as he took overly stress and criticism and holding it his responsibility for no show of the team he relentlessly trained.

Then, as time passes and emotions pacified as the situation creeps into the fold of history by a day; the shock is broadcasted. The shadow of media takes over the minds yet again. Born into believing without question, the world accepts it, the Pakistani nation without any remorse.
The team is left behind to face the aftermath for a situation / act which is centuries old but a mystery still shrouded and clouded to be decrypted by any intelligent mind.
The manager / chairman, whisks off to his abode with a piece of paper which, according to him, exonerates him completely. His burden now rests on the inked paper, as the ink fades, so does the blame and so does it gets hazed in our minds.
Poor show by us again for not being ENLIGHTENED intellectually to pursue the dastardly schemes woven around us and our nation.

Most probably, as history, if not complete, is abundant with examples of cricketers being banned; Azhar Uddin, Salim Malik, Hanse Cronje, etc. Interestingly, Hanse Cronje was brought into the light for providing pitch details and weather details before the match to a bookie over a phone.
Logically, why would anybody, in his complete control, cut an illegal deal over a phone? Grey area masked.

Azhar Uddin met the same fate.

Cricketing world is rife with bookies. Coming from the ardent cricket loving nations of Pakistan India to dormant cricketing locality of America, they are all over and command unusual say with their money power.
Hanse Cronje getting killed in a plane crash, a private plane, doesn’t that send up questions as to how he managed a private plane?
Okay, a close friend, a government official did a favour to the player who was more than insulted to face his countrymen with the limelight he was coming from. Why would anybody partner him.
Quite possibly, some bookie sacrificed that piece o’ machine to sullen the volcano of the conscience that was ready to erupt inside Cronje as Woolmer’s.
Now with this pre-notion, one option clearly exonerates the Pakistani team is that –
Scenario 1 –
A) Bookie over the phones, contacted the whole team including the coach.

B) Bookie threatens to kill / eliminate some / all of the members of the team or / and of the family of any / all of the team.

C) The Pakistani team is acquiesced, as usual, as they have been previously during 1996 WC when Waseem Bhai, took the bribe and went off from the match against India. And which Pakistani misses an important event match against India? Waseem Bhai happy with his fortune and the Cricket team saw its first (first?) submission and bookie revel.

D) Bob Woolmer, who came from a background, family, nation where diplomacy is practised in House of Lords but not on the streets and cities, didn’t acknowledge the depth of the situation and harboured a vengeful stance against these recent perpetrators but not for now but after the world cup. But it was never for him. Bookies came to know of this, early, through some of the confidantes which the PCB (possibly) was knowing of but couldn’t come forward to clear the mess and acknowledge the penetration lest leaving it to be believed as a pothole, a feeding ground for bookies; the nation is bombarded with insults and blames for the terrorist in the caves of Tora Bora being coordinated by the Pakistan Army. PCB didn’t want to take the blame and let it go as it is.

E) The sudden exit of Naseem Ashraf gives a twist to the situation. He should have been there with the team when facing such a situation. Every sane man / woman trembles upon hearing police in the locality. Our boys might find their locality cops greeting them but this is 5000 miles away and nobody knows Punjabi.

Thus the threat carried down successfully to the team and they accepted it to their spines; and they went cold. And Ireland was hot.
Woolmer, who was writing a book should have dependable but private friends with whom he could have replicated his book. Aah, another copy goes down the lane of insignificance, just like the Museum entreaties of Iraq were plundered by the American Soldiers. Money did make Woolmer Go.




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