The Play of Politics

18 03 2007
The Play of Politics

  • America is set to attack Iran in the coming days. Russia has predicted April 4 to be the day.
  • From the onset it seems, the stage is being set; what required is to sway the concentration of the Public (Janta, Awaam, Protestors) from the upcoming clash.
  • It seems; now, that America pulled the strings of the General in Pakistan.
  • Justice Iftikhar was rendered as unemployed and ineffective.
  • The whole world shifts to this channel. Surprisingly, India too joins the protesting band wagon on this suspension.
  • A chaos over the country prevails. The Janta (Public) is on streets and the province of Baluchistan, as ever, is sent into another isolation, from the media.
  • The media houses are attacked to add into the fury of it; so it to the cover, vehemently, the incident over these days.

All these incidents and development are government sponsored. Justice Iftikhar, now, seems to be a party to it as well.

Balochistan being cornered, as usual, now takes an important position.
Firstly, America wants a hideout somewhere in there.
Secondly, Gwadar is set to be inaugurated.

As the focus stays in Islamabad, for some days though, America and the echelons of the Pakistan Army have got cushion time to think over the possibility of the attack on Iran.

Diplomacy is at worst nauseating with this cynical development of its at this point of time.

Let’s see what are the next cards to be played.

Lastly, Pakistan is out of the World Cup, that portion of the cake of Public is now shifted, or rather adds to the present study of the situation. Crunch time for government.

Expect another incident causing another major deflection from American dreams.




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